Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Roeder Pictures

Norwich City boss Glenn RoederScott Roeder, charged withCaptain Henry Roeder (1824Name: Loren RoederRoeder, Earlean OglesbyDr. Phoebe RoederManfred RoederCLIENT: Roeder s.r.o.Roeder's Runners


Investigator testifies about items in Roeder's car
Wichita Police Department Crime Scene Investigator Andrew Maul testifies about some of the items found in Scott Roeder's car after Roeder was arrested on ...

In Tiller trial, prosecution tells of Roeder's gun purchase
In her opening statement on Friday, District Attorney Nola Foulston said FBI agents who searched Scott Roeder's house found a gun box for ...

Scott Roeder Trial: Day Three Coverage
Entertainment News from AP Today is Day Three of the murder trial of Scott Roeder. You can follow the story through Cliff Judy's Live Interactive Blog above ...


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