Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yap Island Pictures

Yap IslandYap, in the Caroline IslandsYap Islands (Waqab)yap_island.jpg (482 x 296,Yap Map courtesy of Traders'Stick Dance on Yap IslandInterior of a traditional Yapseveral days on Yap IslandYap Island, Yap State,


Earthquakes rock Vanuatu Ilands region--tsunami warnings and watches issued

... Cook Islands, Chuuk, Indonesia, Wake Islands, Jarvis Islands, Palmyra Islands, Guam, N. Marianas, Johnston Islands, Yap, Marcus Islands and Belau.

Long and lean

Among Cebu's minor treasures is the Yap-San Diego House. The Yap family were Chinese merchants who came to Cebu during the 1700s and were permitted to stay ...

Trail of destruction

... Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Peter B. Favila, and Agriculture Secretary Arthur C. Yap after a meeting in Malacaƃ±ang last Friday. ...


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